From the recording From Me And You

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You you know what you've done
Cos you know you're the only one who could do this
You you've taken all the fun
Cos you know you're the only one who’d put me through this

I waited so long to find you in the first place
The girl with the song the girl with the friendly face
Come now and convince me
Convince me that it’s alright
Tell me another story
Now I’ve said it

Baby it’s you when my feet don’t find the ground
Baby it’s you when you say it’s not allowed
How do you do it? When it rains and shines as one
How do you do it? When you’ve taken all the fun
From me and you

I know in my mind you would never play games with me
Cos you’re not the kind that would run around and deceive
Have I seen the signs when you go out at night
You said our future was bright
Now I’ve said it