1. Scooters

From the recording Scooters - Electrical scooting

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You heard me it’s too slow
You prefer to keep going
Nonsense words in my ear
There the girl did you see her?

You ran over her doll
Try not to lose control
Auto speed did you know?
After this we’ll go home

How’d they inflate these wheels?
They must be made of steel
I know my legs won’t take it
Let’s make sure we don’t break it
There must be laws about this
That guy he’s laughing with us
Wait ’til you tell all your friends
I wish this day would never end

Which ride do you prefer?
The bike or the scooter?
I’m gonna climb these stairs
Make sure nobody pairs their phone with mine

You wanna go up that hill
Always chasing the thrill
Let’s stop here for a while
I know it hurts but let’s smile…for the pic

How’d you get so far ahead?
Again you left me for dead
I said I stopped to take a pic
But we know that’s a faker
Do you know how much this costs?
All the money that we’ve lost
But if you hadn’t come along
Then we would never have this song