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Traffic Island - 98 BPM 4/4. Cruising the Caribbean on your dreadlock holiday.


You be cruising you be cruising now and then
You be losing you be losing then you win

You see it every day
You know it’s not the way it should be
You need the great escape
A chance now to vacate it’s easy

You be thinking as you drinking it’s for me
It be better and the weather I agree

An island hideaway a place that you can stay
Now and whenever
We like to know your name no reason why you came
So collect this treasure

Take it back to the start of your memory
People happy you choose who you want to see
Wear the clothes that you want you’re on holiday
See the sights yes they will take your breath away

You be cruising you be back right here again
Don’t be fooling it’s still waiting here my friend

Just a couple of weeks you’ll land upon your feet
Just like it should be
Don’t have to think of home do as they do in Rome
It’s good to be free